Line of business apps for your tablet

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I don't like cut down versions of apps.

Every feature is unlocked when you download a BusiBl app.

I don't like hunting for Wifi.

Business systems need to work when you're when out of range of a Starbucks.

BusiBl works seamlessly even in planes, trains and automobiles.
Just synch when you have a connection.

I don't like duplication.

Rather than typing everything in, just link to the source of truth.

Events, contacts, documents and meetings synch from your mobile device.

Integration, not duplication ,is more accurate and saves time.

I don't like being told what to do.

Some systems try to convince you that all 63 fields are mandatory.

BusiBI can be configured just for you.

Use your own language and methodology.

Bulk import and export configuration and data.

I don't like mistakes.

BusiBI automatically calculates subtotals, totals and summaries for you.

Editable, reusable templates simplify pricing, budgeting and data entry.

Made with T.S.P.

Touch. Swipe. Pinch.

A true Mobile First app, not a webpage.

I don't want to see irrelevant information.

BusiBI only shows you your data by default.

You can optionally Team Up with colleagues, sharing information on a case by case basis.

I don't like noise.

Less clutter.

Easy to understand.