The iPad app for Film & TV Production Managers.


Multi-task effectively.

BusiBI lets you plan and work on multiple shoots, locations or projects simultaneously.

You can optionally Team Up with colleagues to collaborate and accelerate timelines.

Film, Television or Theatre?

BusiBI is easy to shape to your role & projects.

Use your own language and methodology.

Bulk import and export configuration and data.

Keep your production budgets handy.

It's quick and easy to build a budget, even for first-timers.

Editable, reusable templates simplify the budgeting process.

The show must go on.

Even if your internet access is down.

BusiBl works seamlessly on location, in planes, trains and automobiles.
Just synch when you have a connection.

An indispensable mobile,
one-stop shop.

Keep shot lists, script notes, cast, crew, schedules,
inventory, budgets and more, together in one place.

On your iPad.

Producers welcome.

Managing multiple projects?

Producers and senior production managers
can tap and swipe through the portfolio,
over a morning cup of coffee.

Made with T.S.P.

Touch. Swipe. Pinch.

BusiBI is a mobile app that works on location.

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