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Cloud accounts let you synch across iOS devices and collaborate with colleagues.

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Feature comparison

Category BusiBI Features iPad only iPad + Cloud
Sales Management No subscription needed Yes
Sales Management Full opportunity tracking capability Yes Yes
Sales Management  Contact tracking, with role assignment and iOS address book push/pull Yes Yes
Sales Management Meetings and Events, with iOS calendar push/pull Yes Yes
Sales Management  Assign actions, track completion, with iOS Reminders Yes Yes
Sales Management Add your own notes Yes Yes
Sales Management Document attachments Yes Yes
Sales Management Pricing breakdowns / estimation tools Yes Yes
Easy to use  Beautiful, intuitive user interface made for the iPad Yes Yes
Easy to use  Fully offline capable - no internet required Yes Yes
Easy to use Color coded sales pipeline tracking Yes Yes
Easy to use Native apps built for iOS  - not webpages! Yes Yes
Configurable Configure your own picklists as your see fit Yes Yes
Configurable Configure the terminology in your opportunity templates to fit your business Yes Yes
Configurable Add your own fields or remove the ones you don't use Yes Yes
Configurable Multi-language support Yes Yes
Configurable Bring your own Sales Methodology Yes Yes
Configurable  Configurable pricing templates for different types of work Yes Yes
Team work PIN code protection for confidential bids and redaction compliance requirements Yes Yes
Team work Email notifications Yes Yes
Reporting and analytics Interactive Sales Funnel charts Yes Yes
Reporting and analytics  Interactive bubble charts effortlessly keep your pipeline updated Yes Yes
Reporting and analytics  Interactive Slice and Dice analytics across your pipeline Yes Yes
Integrate, don't duplicate Integration with your iOS Reminders Yes Yes
Integrate, don't duplicate  Integration with your Address Book contacts Yes Yes
Integrate, don't duplicate Integration with your DropBox documents Yes Yes
Integrate, don't duplicate  Import your LinkedIn contacts Yes Yes
Integrate, don't duplicate Import your Facebook contacts Yes Yes
Collaborate Work as a team, sharing information on opportunities Yes
Collaborate Keep track of activity across the sales force Yes
Collaborate Centrally configure picklists for everyone in the team to keep reporting consistent. Yes
Collaborate Upload and download customized lists of products, customers and pricing Yes
Data protection  Synch your data to the cloud, in case your iPad is lost or damaged Yes
Data protection Synch your data across the Sales Manager apps for iPad, iPhone and Mac Yes
Data Import/Export Import lists of companies (such as the NYSE 200) into your database Yes
Data Import/Export Export your entire CRM database into an Excel spreadsheet, for safety and convenience Yes
Data Import/Export  Upload your entire pipeline and picklists into your SalesManager apps from an Excel spreadsheet Yes
Reporting and analytics Automatically generated dashboards and analytics highlight key areas of interest Yes
Easy to use Ultra-short form opportunity entry, as easy as entering a tweet. Yes

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